What are Law Cards?

Law Cards are trading cards that feature your favorite Law Streamers, from Rekieta, Gosney, and Branca to Vices, Mindset & Good Lawgic - any many, many more. Each pack includes (5) random cards, with the opportunity to pull random Signature Cards. Learn more & order here!

  • Front/Back

    Each Law Card features a high-resolution image or illustration of the streamer, along with a brief bio or summary of the stream.

  • QR Code

    Each card has a QR code on the back linking to the specific video stream or clip, or the streamers Rumble or YouTube channel.

  • 1/1 Cards & Signature Cards

    Random packs will contain signature cards from Nick Rekieta, Andrew Branca, Steve Gosney, Legal Vices, Megan Fox & more.



How many cards are in a pack?

There are (5) cards in each pack. Signature & Relic cards are randomly inserted in some packs. Learn more here.

Who is included in the packs?

Dozens of Law Streamers are included in the packs, including Nick @ Rekieta Law, Steve Gosney, Andrew Branca @ Law of Self Defense, Legal Vices, Legal Mindset, Joe @ Good Lawgic, Sean @ Potentially Criminal, Aussie Overlord, Megan Fox, Stef the Alter Nerd, Fluxx, Legal Mindset & many, many others. Learn more here.

I'm a Law Streamer, how do I sign up to be included in the packs?

Cool! Contact me here.

What are the signature cards?

  • Signature cards are autographed cards by Rekieta Law, Law of Self Defense, Steve Gosney, Megan Fox, Legal Vices and a few others.
  • Signature Cards are randomly distributed throughout some packs, including the 1/1 Vegas Card.
  • If you would like a guaranteed signature card, or guaranteed more than one signature card, you can order 10+ packs in which case we will be sure you receive one, two, or three signature cards based on your order. Learn more here.

When will I receive my Law Cards?

We started production on 3/31/23 & Law Cards are expected to ship late-April '23. Learn more here.